FAN Newsletter Guidelines

Newsletter Submission Guidelines

The newsletter team welcomes newsletter submissions from all FAN members for any issue. Did you discover something new today? Write it up and send it in. We will fit it in. If it was of interest to you as a fibre artist, it will be of interest to others. Have you got pictures to illustrate it? A picture is worth a thousand words!

Guest Editorials

We are always looking for editorials. These can be as short as 250 words or as long as you like. Please include some photos. At least one photo should be appropriate for the front page. These editorials start every issue and set the stage for what follows.

Newsletter Issues:

There are ten issues of the newsletter per year. The newsletter is not published in July or December.


The deadline for all submissions is the 15th of each month.

Text Submissions:

  • Submit as a Word document (or similar, such as .odt) attachment or in the body of an email to
  • Label the file starting with your name, followed by a keyword to indicate content (e.g. not “FAN 2018”).
  • Please submit text using Verdana font, 11 point with simple tabs where needed, and with one space – not two – after a period.
  • If you have a formatted version, perhaps with photos and captions, do send it along too. We will do our best to get close to what you want to see.
  • Please indicate in what order you would like the photos inserted. Better yet, add “insert photo #_ here” into your text. Captions are helpful – either the name of a piece or an explanation of what the photo shows.
  • Please submit photos separately for the same submission. The photos that you might have embedded in a text file will not work.
  • Please proof-read carefully.

Photo Submissions:

  • Send images as .jpg or .png files. Please send them separately, not embedded in a text document.
  • Label files starting with your name, followed by a keyword indicating subject, e.g. the title of artwork shown in the photo.
  • If more than one photo is submitted on the same subject, please number each file at the end of the file name (not at the beginning).
  • Ideally, file size should be at least 0.5 MB, and at least 1000 pixels wide. Send what you have and we will work with it.
  • If it matters where the images appear, please let us know where you would like them to go. A formatted document works well, as do notations included in your text file or email.

If you would like to submit an editorial send an email to: and we will put you into the schedule.

Remember, our newsletter is only as good as we make it. When you have something to share, please put your fingers to the keyboard and let us know. We accept articles as well as editorials in each issue. Networking is about sharing a conversation, ideas, techniques, etc.

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