Benefits, Criteria, and Responsibilities of Membership

Thank you for your interest in the Fibre Art Network. We welcome people who are fibre artists living in western Canada.

FAN is an organization that supports and encourages like-minded enthusiasts, from emerging artists to professionals.

FAN membership is limited to persons living in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, the Yukon, the North West Territories, and Nunavut.

FAN membership benefits and privileges:

  • receive the FAN newsletter (10 issues per year)

  • access to the Members Only area of the FAN website

  • opportunitiy to have an Artist Gallery page on the FAN website

  • access to the FAN Google Groups discussion group

  • eligible to participate in Member exhibitions

  • inclusion of your artwork from FAN exhibitions in FAN website exhibits

  • attending the annual fall retreat

  • voting at the annual general meeting

  • opportunities to connect with other fibre artists


Please note that the FAN membership year is based on the calendar year (January to December)

Responsibilities of membership:

  • The Fibre Art Network encourages volunteerism. Each member is encouraged to take a turn and volunteer for a task.

             Opportunities to volunteer include:

    • working on local exhibition and retreat committees

    • writing articles or features for the newsletter

    • editing an issue of the newsletter

    • becoming a Volunteer Coordinator

    • taking on a specific short-term task

    • being on a sub-committee

    • researching a specific topic

    • formulating guidelines

  • Each member is encouraged to have an Artist Gallery page on the FAN website, and to periodically update the page to show new artwork. New members are offered a free "starter" listing. More information is available in the Members Only section of the website.

  • Annual dues must be paid by January 1st or membership is revoked until paid.

How to join the Fibre Art Network:

Fill out application form

Click here for Membership form to submit

Click here for printable mail-in form

NOTE:  If you are joining after June 30th, there is a one time opportunity to pay a reduced membership fee of $25.

Further details:

  • FAN exhibitions:

    • Exhibitions have been held in art galleries throughout western Canada, as well as in Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Ontario and internationally. Exhibitions are usually organized by local members, with the help of the FAN Exhibition Coordinator to ensure consistency and support.

  • Annual conference:

    • The fall conference is an opportunity to meet and learn about each other and our work. The location varies from year to year, with a local retreat committee making the arrangements. Retreats are memorable and fun. The Annual General Meeting is held during the retreat.

  • Volunteer positions:

    • Volunteer positions are generally filled before or during the fall AGM. Volunteer positions and opportunities include:       

  • Call for Entries  

  • CQA Liaison        

  • CV/Bio Coordinator        

  • Exhibitions Coordinators 

  • Exhibit Organizers

  • FAN Conference Coordinator     

  • FAN Coordinator             

  • Google Group Coordinator          

  • Marketing Coordinator        

  • Membership Coordinator            

  • Motions Coordinator     

  • Newsletter Coordinator/Proof Reader   

  • Newsletter Layout and Design   

  • Newsletter Submissions

  • Social Media Coordinator            

  • Treasurer           

  • Venue Coordinator        

  • Venue Database                        

  • Website Coordinator     

  • Website Exhibition Database Coordinator