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Barbara Root

Artwork by Barbara Root



46" W x 30" L

After taking design classes with Katie Pasquini Masopust I was enthused to create my own abstract piece of art.  I had the creative information, now I had to put it to use.  Taking the idea of a drawn, soft shape, I photocopied the shapes at various sizes.  After much playing around and rearranging of the pieces and colors of fabrics, I began.  I chose complementary colors for impact, tulle for shading, threads for shaping the shading.  It wasn't long before those looking at the piece identified it as a flower.  Huh?  No Way!  It is suppoed to be an abstract piece.  The more I worked the piece the more it became a flower.  I notice my art often has a mind of a cat - it does its own thing.  I went along with the piece as it dictated what it wanted to be.  Do you see an abstract piece of lovely curves - or a flower?  Yes, I can see the flower as well.  But it is an abstract flower, right?

Techniques/supplies/methods:  cotton and batik quilting fabrics, 80/20 batting, various styles/types of thread, beading,   Photocopying: enlarging and shrinking.   Thread painting, raw edge applique. Domestic machine quilted using various styles and templates,