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Self-Editing My Profile and My Gallery

If you have not already prepared your content for the gallery page by visiting this page: Preparing Your Artist Images and Bio please do so before attempting to self-edit or update your page.

If you need help after reading this, please schedule a training session with

My Profile

FAN Training Manual – Profile Setup by Artist (PDF)

FAN Training Video – My Profile (YouTube)

  • To maintain your contact information, click My Profile in the Members Only menu bar.
  • Delete any outdated information and type in the updated info.
  • The Website Address box can be used to list a blog address if you prefer. Only one listing is possible, however. You can also add your Instagram handle if you use Instagram to promote your art.
  • To post a new photo of yourself: Click the plus sign in the Photo box or the pencil symbol in the bottom right corner.  This photo will be shown in your Artist Gallery page next to your Artist Information.
  • Artist Information – enter what you have prepared for your Artist Gallery description.
  • If you are an instructor, select Yes and enter one or two sentences that describe the types of classes or workshops that you provide. This will show on the instructors’ page along with your headshot photograph.
  • Click on the purple Update Profile Button to save what you have entered.
  • On this page you can also change your password.
  • Before leaving this page, you can select personal information that you do NOT want shown in our Members Directory and click Update Privacy Options. Note that if you are an Instructor, your City and Province will be shown on the instructors’ page.

Updating Your Gallery Page – it is good to do this every year

FAN Training Manual – Artist Gallery Setup by Artist (PDF)

FAN Training Video – My Gallery (YouTube)

  • The My Gallery link is used to add, delete or change any artwork listing on your Artist Gallery page.
  • You can also update your Profile image and Artist Description on this page. These will be saved to your My Profile page.
  • Images of new work can be added after clicking the plus symbol in the first box. You are allowed a total of 16 images. You can include Exhibit artwork here as it will not automatically be added to your Artist Gallery.
  • To remove an artwork click on the X on the upper right corner of the image.
  • To change an existing image, click on the pencil symbol on the bottom right of the image. This will take you to a page where you can adjust your Artwork Title, upload a new image, and enter a price (or NFS), dimension and artist description.
  • IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to hit the purple SAVE CHANGES button at the bottom of the page. You will get a message indicating changes have been saved and you can then use the back button on your browser or the BACK button at the top left of the window to return to My Gallery.  Take a look at the public Artist Gallery page and make sure everything is as you want it.


If you are hesitant at all about editing your Artist Gallery Page, please contact the Gallery Page Coordinator who can assist you or do it for you. Always check your Artist Gallery Page listing and the FAN Membership Directory right away to make sure that the changes are as you wish (you may have to use your browser’s refresh button to make sure new changes appear). If there are any mistakes, correct them immediately by repeating the processes described above.

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