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Donna Stockdale

Artwork by Donna Stockdale

Ice Walkers, 2012


35 x 18"

Traditionally, transportation routes have followed the waterways in northern Saskatchewan and indeed across Canada. In the spring, summer, and fall, canoes, kayaks, boats, barges, watercraft, and float planes all use the buoyant support of water to move people along. In our 6-month long winters, the frozen and snow-covered lakes and rivers provide an easy route for trucks, snow machines, dog teams, and people on foot to travel across country. I was inspired by figures trekking along the snow-machine trails on the wide-open lake one brisk winter day, apparently oblivious to the still fluid water a few feet under their boots.

This piece was created for the FAN exhibition, Waterworks

Wet-felted and needle-felted wool fibre