On the Bias

Each artwork in this exhibit is a personal exploration of the theme ON THE BIAS.

Bias can be negative or positive, conscious or subconscious, scientific or philosophical.  It can also be a play on words, which, for textile artists, has a special meaning. When fabric is cut “on the bias” diagonally across the grain, it is more fluid and has greater flexibility and drapability.  Bias-cut edges don’t fray!  

As humans and artists, we are familiar with the concept of bias as it applies to society, politics, or the environment, and also to interactions with our family, friends and neighbours. Bias is generally thought of as negative – prejudice in favour of or against a thing, person, or group compared with another, usually in a way considered to be unfair. But we all have people, places or things we prefer – bias is part of the richness of life.

This Exhibit is available for booking at venues from April 2022 through to May 2025.