Registration closes August 19th. Updated June 20th

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This blog area tells you everything you need to know about registering to attend the Edmonton FAN 2024 conference.

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Some of you have asked about the registration deadline. Be assured, you can still register, and we look forward to welcoming you! We do appreciate your earliest possible registration, for budget and supply purposes.

There are a couple of key dates the committee has worked with. Our first was June 15th, which was FAN’s evaluation date for whether to go ahead with the conference. FAN needed enough paid registrants and enough hotel rooms booked by that date to ensure that our conference room and facilities would be guaranteed. Having 45 registrants to date tells the planning committee that we are in good shape to move ahead.

Our next key date is August 19, when the special conference hotel rate expires. After that, rooms set aside for FAN are released to the public, and can only be booked at the public rate. So, it’s in your interest to get your hotel booking completed by August 19, including arrangements for parking onsite.

Because our room bookings are separate this year from our hotel block booking, you have the freedom to stay wherever you wish, and still be included in the conference (though you might miss out on some of the late-night fun!). Your conference registration, however, includes you in all meals, activities, and use of the meeting facilities.

Registration closes  August 19th

Conference Dates: Thursday September 19, 2024 (3pm) until Sunday, September 22, 2024 after lunch.

The conference registration fee is $450 per person.

In addition to all the green buttons in the “Annual FAN Conference” area  there is a pink “Features” area to the right (or you may find it at the bottom of the page) .   Click on “2024 conference registration form”. You will find all the registration, hotel and art exchange links there.

or click on the link below

2024 Conference Registration Form

Please Note: If you have  filled in your registration but need to add additional information, please contact .


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